Tour to Agam Regency – West Sumatra

Lake Maninjau & Paragliding (0°19’26.88″S 100°13’58.83″E)

Lake Maninjau Perhaps the most beautiful lake in Sumatra, Maninjau is far smaller and less developed thas its neighbour lake Toba to the north the road to the lake is famous for its forty four bends oftering superb panoramas as it meaders down to the water’s edge. The lake is punctuated by pretty Moorish styled mosques, perhap designed by some long ago Arab traders who came to her shores. Datted about the lake are small and friendly villages. Mountain bikes for rent ofter a perfect way to explore along the flat roads. Small hotels.

Maninjau Indah by Rudi Gusteno – West Sumatra

This aero sport is an annual tourism event in Maninjau Tourism Area. The take off location is on the top of Lawang Peak and landed in Bayur. Bayur is an area on the edge of Maninjau Lake. These activities have been done since the year 2000, which attended by both local and international contestants. This Paragliding event takes place on May every year. Comments from Overseas contestants, who participate in this event, the location which is part of Agam Regency is excellent. The ideal height and declivity of the hill with beautiful scenery gave unforgettable memories for them.

Maninjau Paraglider by Kurniawan Masud – West Sumatra

The “44 turns”, forty-four numbered(!) hairpin bends up the mountain from where you can see a panoramic of lake Maninjau. Each tour requires at least 6 hours and usually held from 9AM to 3PM (including a stop at some restaurants). In 2010, the price is ranging from $70/car for up to 5 people. Hire a car is highly recommended if you’re in a group of more than 4 people. Car’s price includes driver, fuel, entry ticket, and parking fee. Tips aren’t compulsory, lunch invitation is more than enough. For your note, most of the places require ticket and will charge a parking fee.  Another option is hiring a car and arranging with the driver to visit the places in Minangkabau and Lake Maninjau. If you are alone, it is also possible to find guides in the Sianok Canyon park who will take you to Lake Maninjau with a motorbike (ask for Parta e.g., no fixed price, he will take what you give him). In any case, depart earlier, as the tour will take all day

Adventure Mountaineering Tri Arga Mountain (Marapi  – Singgalang – Tandikek)
Marapi Mountain (0°23’43.41″S 100°27’35.44″E)
Marapi (also known as Merapi or Berapi) is a complex volcano in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Its name means Mountain of Fire, and it is the most active volcano in Sumatra. Its elevation is 2,891.3 metres (9,485.9 ft). A number of cities and towns are situated around the mountain, including Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang and Batusangkar.

Menatap Kawah merapi by Anggoman – West Sumatra

According to legend, the mountain is the site first settled by the Minangkabau people after their ship landed on the mountain when it was the size of an egg and surrounded by water.There are large numbers of upright burial stones in the region which are oriented in the direction of the mountain, indicating it’s cultural significance.
Marapi is the most active volcano on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It has a broad summit area with trees and brush covering the highest peak. West of the summit are five to six active craters within the caldera known as Bancah. Marapi has had fifty (as of 2001) recorded eruptions since the late 1700’s, and is still active today. The volcano is one of the two peaks rising south of the city of Bukkinggi.

Singgalang Mountain (0°23’32.76″S 100°20’1.70″E)
Singgalang is a volcano in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Its elevation is 2,877 m (9,439 ft). It is a twin volcano with Mount Tandikat, which is located to the south-south-west of Singgalang. However, only Tandikat has had historical volcanic activity. The cities of Bukittinggi and Padang Panjang are located adjacent to the mountain.
Singgalang is a beautiful and scenic volcano, and unlike its neighbor, Marapi, it is old and extinct. Within the crater of the volcano is a beautiful lake known as Telago Dewi. The volcano is one of the two peaks rising south of the city of Bukkinggi.

Singgalang dari Merapi by ardi junaidi – West Sumatra

From Kotabaru, there are several route possibilities for accessing the main trail heading up to the summit of Singgalang A local guide is certainly of great help. Check around in Kotabaru. From Kota Baru, take the trail/road SW to Pandai Sikat. From Pandai Sikat, take the trail (confusing) north through many fileds, farms, and homes before reaching a small villiage. From the villiage a trail heads west to another small villiage known as Pago Pago. From Pago Pago, a rough trail heads west up the ridge to the summit of Singgalang. The trail is challenging and little used, and you must duck and crawl under several low hanging trees (see photo). There is a beautiful lake known as Telago Dewi in the main crater of the volcano.

Tandikek Mountain (0°25’53.45″S 100°19’9.94″E)
Tandikek is a stratovolcano in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Its elevation is 2,438 m (7,999 ft). It is a twin volcano with Mount Singgalang, which is located to the north-north-east of Tandikek. However, only Tandikek has had historical volcanic activity. The city of Padang Panjang is located at the foot of the mountain.

Pandai Sikek village (0°24’5.05″S 100°23’23.64″E)
Pandai Sikek village is 13 km south of Bukit Tinggi and famous for its hand wo¬ving and carving industry. The village has a thousand of looms and turning out richly colored cloth. Carved wooden ornaments and furniture also made here. A welknown village for its fine quality Songket and wood carving on a small side road not far from Bukittinggi, Pandai Sikek is known for the fine quality Songket, silk and gold thread traditional weavings produced here. Some of the work is so fine, that one small piece of cloth can take month of arduous work to complete. Souvenirs as well as traditional “selendang and “sarung” are available. Fine quality wood carving is also made in the surrounding villages

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